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Business Planning

If you own a business or are you thinking of going into business for yourself, there are several options available. 

For those already established in business, we work with your company to support both the business owner, support staff, and employees.  Whether you have your own questions regarding your business entity, business insurance or business tax planning, we are here to support you throughout all phases of your business life.  We work with you to help you achieve your personal retirement goals and continue to work with you to establish a proper business succession plan.  In addition to helping you as the business owner, we are available to help you support your HR department and employees as an added resource for your business.  We work with companies to establish and implement the best retirement plan to fit your employee’s retirement goals. 

As each and every business owner is aware, the demands for retirement plan regulations and fiduciary responsibilities of both business owners, plan administrators, and advisors has continuously increased.  Healthcare costs continue to rise, making it harder for businesses to support their employees and the ever-rising costs.  In turn, many of the costs and responsibilities are being shifted from the business owner to that of the employee.  We are here to partner with you to determine the appropriate plans to ensure you as a business owner can continue to run a successful and financially sound business.  In turn, you are able to work with your employees to support these shifts overall and the effect it will have on their families.  We do this by reviewing your full retirement plan, including healthcare costs and savings opportunities for both the business owner and the employee. 

One of the most affected areas of business planning are the business owners that are close to retirement and their retiree workforce.  We provide support throughout your complete retirement process beginning with social security.  We strive to help our clients’ sort through and understand Medicare and its costs, to coincide with their retirement income stream.  We are a full-service firm offering a personalized approach to help clients achieve financial wellness by coordinating their retirement planning to support their health and financial goals. We offer businesses both Group Health Insurance and Group Medicare Health Insurance to continue to strive to reduce costs while ensuring financial wellness in all areas of your life.

From start-ups and franchises to buying an existing business, each option involves some elements of both risk and reward.  Whichever option you choose, owning your own business offers a chance at more freedom, and greater financial rewards.  Universal Wealth Management can help you create a business plan, define start-up costs and organizational expenses and identify available tax incentives.  We provide the necessary resources to help you in all aspects of your business planning by acting in a consultatory capacity to assist our clients in determining the following:

  • Starting or Buying a Business
  • Retirement Plan Options
  • Choosing a Business Entity
  • Business Succession
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Group Health Plans
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Business Group Medicare Plans

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