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Life Events: Expected and Unexpected

Throughout your life, you will face certain life-changing events.  Some of these situations are unexpected and demand immediate action.  For instance, you may have to plan the funeral of a loved one or decide how to care for an aging parent who suddenly needs a lot of help.  Other situations arise less dramatically, with more time to plan. If you are engaged, for instance, you may have several months to deal with the financial implications of marriage. Whether the situation is expected or unexpected, you’ll need to consider how your needs have changed now that your life is changing.  You’ll need to deal with money, legal, insurance, and estate planning issues and/or find quality care and support for your family members. Universal Wealth Management is available to assist with all that life sends your way.  Our highly trained, experienced and motivated team furnishes comprehensive professional assistance in all areas for these needs.  We work closely with various professionals and are happy to refer you to those we know that are highly competent and reliable.  We work with these professionals in order to execute a plan to fit your needs and strive to make these life events potentially less cumbersome and stressful. 

  • Buying a Home
  • Starting a Business
  • Getting Married
  • Caring for an Aging Parent
  • Raising a Family
  • Changing Jobs
  • Child with Special Needs
  • Death of a Family Member
  • Getting Divorced
  • Veterans Benefits

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