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Selecting Your Advisory Firm

Already Have a Financial Advisor?

How to Choose A Financial Advisor That is Right For You

Developing an effective financial plan is no easy task, and the process can often be quite complex.  You deserve to have an advisor with the proper skills, knowledge and motivation to help you avoid common pitfalls and make prudent decisions.  Below are some questions to consider when looking for a financial advisor.

Ask yourself these questions to determine your need for planning advice:

  • How much help do you need? Total, partial or very little?
  • What kind of help do you need? Technical, executions, emotional, handholding, discipline, etc.
  • What do you expect from your advisor? Proactive advice, suggestions, recommendations, technical help, access to research, order entry?

Clients of Universal Wealth Management receive comprehensive financial planning and full time investment management. Our objective is to take care of these important responsibilities for our clients. In addition to these services, our clients have come to rely on us for financial life management; any issue they may have in their life involving a dollar sign.  In addition, we pride ourselves on making sure you do not outlive your retirement income stream.  As part of your retirement planning, we offer you extensive help to understanding Social Security and Medicare.  We include in our plans helping you to determine appropriate timing to begin collecting your Social Security and also determining your Medicare and healthcare needs.  We help you to determine the appropriate healthcare and/or to enroll in the healthcare or Medicare plan that is right for you. We believe it is imperative to include these areas in your financial plan to ensure that you align these increasing costs with your overall financial and retirement plans.

Understand your Advisor’s Financial Interest in the Relationship. It is of Paramount Importance to Know:

  • How they are compensated
  • What are all the forms of compensation
  • What are their incentives

An Investment Professional Can Help in Many Important Ways:

  • Establishment of an investment policy and a commitment to follow through with it
  • Design of your portfolio
  • Selection of appropriate investments
  • Implementation of your investment plan
  • Coordination of your financial and estate affairs
  • Reporting of your investment results
  • Ongoing guidance and counsel
  • Simplification of the investment process through consolidation and principled investing