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Our Mission

Universal Wealth Management (UWM) opened its doors more than 15 years ago with a mission to help you and your family gain the financial freedom you deserve to achieve your goals through the many major life transitions. Our mission has always been to provide peace of mind by simplifying the financial and healthcare process.

To achieve our mission, UWM President & Founder Karen Emma knew that Social Security, Healthcare and Medicare all played a critical role in complete retirement planning in order to gain financial freedom through retirement. Thus, UniversalWM Healthcare was launched. A division of UWM, UniversalWM Healthcare is designed to help you and your family achieve financial wellness by coordinating your retirement planning to support BOTH your financial and healthcare goals.

UniversalWM Healthcare offers a unique package of financial and healthcare advisory services through the exclusive Financial Longevity Bundle©, which incorporates our existing portfolio/wealth management strategies for retirement planning with a broad array of financial and healthcare factors that secure cash flow and retirement viability.

The Financial Longevity Bundle© was developed to provide our clients with an all-inclusive approach to retirement planning. Many people were working with financial advisors or financial representatives with the sole focus on investment/retirement products and planning. Few, if any, incorporated Social Security review, enrollment in Social Security retirement benefits, Medicare Part A, B, C & D in coordination with choosing the right Healthcare/Medicare plan in the full retirement planning process. UWM felt it was crucial to create The Financial Longevity Bundle©- lifetime cash flow (budget) - to ensure all areas were covered when planning for one’s retirement so you will not outlive your money.

Our experienced team of financial and healthcare professionals provides top-notch, individualized Financial/ Retirement Planning, Social Security and Healthcare/Medicare advice. We strive to help our clients’ sort through the complexities and simplify Social Security and Healthcare/Medicare enrollment and plan selections to ensure healthcare needs are met. Each client is provided a full detailed and simple understanding of all financial/retirement plans inclusive with Healthcare/Medicare plan costs and choices, to ensure their plan choices align with increasing costs and coincide with each individual and family retirement income streams (Cash Flow) to ensure financial longevity throughout retirement.

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